Snow is a passion. Skiers will really understand this.


Given its geographic position and suitability of its mountain slopes for winter sports, Bursa has been one of the cities with best winter accommodation facilities for years.


One of Turkey’s most popular skiing centers, Kervansaray Uludağ Ski Center is not only the first facility of the Kervansaray Hotels chain, but also Bursa’s most popular hotel currently.


The first facility to open its doors to skiing fans, surrounded by snowy terrains, most popular hotel of its time and offering its guests a nostalgic atmosphere of Turkish cinema classics, Kervansaray Uludağ Ski Center is not only the favorite place of travelers heading to Uludağ for skiing but also strives to leave its guests fully satisfied and happy by a variety of activity opportunities offered inside the hotel.




A venue for a variety of winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, biathlon, ski-run, freestyle, ski boarding, skibob and sledge, Uludağ’s Kervansaray Uludağ Ski Center offers a wide variety of equipment options for rent to guests who have not brought their skies with them.


Ranking as the best track in the 1st region where it is located, Kervansaray Skiing Track and ski lift can be used free of charge by the hotel guests. Moreover, the facility is the only hotel with direct skiing track access.


The time spent at Kervansaray Uludağ Ski Center is made even more enjoyable for those who are learning how to ski due to the availability of 5 professional skiing instructors.


Even playing snowballs for guests that have never seen snow in their cities promises to be a completely different enjoyable and entertaining experience at Kervansaray Uludağ.